It's Tornado Time in Tennessee

Do you know what to do if a Tornado is upon you?

First, you need to understand what the threat level is. You have heard meteorologists say a tornado watch & a tornado warning. What does that actually mean? A tornado watch indicates possible tornadoes in your area. During a watch pay attention to the news/radio so that you know where & when the storm is supposed to hit. If you are in a warning it means a tornado is on the ground or has been detected by Doppler radar. You should seek shelter immediately!

Always be prepared before the storm is ever forecast. Preparing a safety plan and going over it with your spouse, family, roommates, etc. is always the best plan of action. Know where you are going to go in the event of a tornado warning. Prior to storms occurring discuss who will be in charge of gathering the smallest children together , who gets the animals, who gets the blankets/pillows, and so on. Doing this will help you & others be better prepared in the event you have only minutes to get to your safe place. These discussions help save lives & allow you to make the correct decisions in the event you are in the path of a tornado.

Helpful Tips:

1. HAVE A PLAN! (know what to do & NOT do when under a tornado warning)

2. Seek Shelter (preferably in a basement away from debris; a bathtub if there is no basement or access underneath the house)

3. Stay clear of windows (be aware of debris)

4. If outside find a clear open area to lay flat in (a ditch is also good, but be aware of surrounding debris)

5. NEVER try to outrun a tornado in a vehicle.

6. Keep a radio handy in case the power is out & cell phone towers are down. (there could be multiple tornadoes; stay informed on what is happening around you)

7. When seeking shelter, no matter inside or outside, always protect your head & neck. (a helmet, pillows, blankets, sleeping bags, a table, etc. Anything that will help shield you from flying debris.)

8. Mobile Homes are the worst place to be during a tornado (they are elevated above the ground & provide little to no structural support to shield you from strong winds/debris)

9. If a neighbor has a basement, & you do not, politely ask them if you can come over to seek shelter in the event a tornado warning is issued.

10. Never try to enter a home that has been hit by a tornado until it’s deemed safe by the correct authority.

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