Tennessee Homeowners: Are You Covered?

Are you Covered?

Most insurance companies do offer an Earthquake & Sinkhole Endorsement that can be added separately onto the policy for an additional premium. When determining if this coverage is something you might need always keep in mind your property's geography, region of the country you live in, & the cost associated with the coverage compared to the amount that would be paid out in the event of a claim. Also, remember that if you do not add the endorsements to the policy there will be no coverage for an earthquake or sinkhole.

In regards to flood & landslide (including mudslide) coverage an entirely separate Flood Insurance policy would have to be written. This means you would have to pay your homeowner premium plus a flood policy premium each year. No homeowner policy will cover flooding or landslides. A Flood policy would provide coverage for outside water coming into the residence. However, depending on the policy it may or may not cover landslides. Most policies will only cover a landslide if carried by a river or body of water. If you are seeking coverage for landslides, mudslides, or mud flows look into getting a “Difference in Conditions“ endorsement. This coverage would be separate from flood, sinkhole, & earthquake insurance. If you are unsure about what would be covered always ask your agent.

Mother Nature is unpredictable & can wreak havoc throughout a community in minutes. Selecting to carry additional coverage allows you to rest a little easier knowing you will not be left with nothing in the event a covered loss does occur. If you are interested in finding out more about what is covered on a homeowner policy please give us a call at 423-472-1744.

On February 2nd a mudslide, caused by the recent heavy rains, collapsed the Subway at the foot of Signal Mtn. (No one was injured)

Video courtesy of WRCB Chattanooga on 2019-02-26.

A massive sinkhole swallowed half a road in North Knox County on Tuesday (2/26/2019) as officials worked to gauge the damage done by the weekend's record-breaking flooding. The hole was about 5 feet wide when a woman first reported it at the edge of Greenwell Road shortly before noon, said Knox County Public Works Director Jim Snowden.

A stretch of Interstate 24 near Nashville is expected to be closed for at least a week after heavy rains caused a landslide which covered the interstate's eastbound lanes.